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Apache Tear

Apache Tear is a type of volcanic obsidian. Legend says that Apache Tears were created by the tears of the Apache women, when they learned that their husbands jumped to their death after a battle instead of confronting their enemies without weapons.  The Apache women wept over their dead husbands bodies and the Apache Tears were left behind. It is also said that one who carries or wears an Apache Tear will never cry again.  It is said that the stone will shed the tears for you in times of sorrow.

Apache Tears are said to release negative emotions, heal old wounds & assist with forgiveness which in turn helps with removing blockages within the body.  Apache Tears is also believed to help process and release emotional patterns, especially those held in one’s subconscious.  In spiritual counseling it can release the floodgates of grief, allowing cleansing and releasing of long held wounds.

It is also said to be used as a protective stone, which will guard the person’s aura from negative energy.  This stone is thought to lend gentle healing and comfort in times of grief and deep sorrow.  


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